Dream Loop

This is a film I created for a uni project with the criteria being '1 take'. Dream Loop is made of one take and a cheeky black title frame to act as a cut. The concept I wanted to explore is dreaming and how a dream can be so vivid it seems believable when experienced. After you wake up, the previous dream sometimes seems obvious but if you believed it was reality while you were experiencing it, can you be certain you aren't in a vivid dream after you wake up?
Sound choices inspired by Jake Roper.

© 2017, Sydney, Australia,
Earth, Milky way, Universe (woooah)

Spoilers for the movie magic in Dream Loop. The sort-of-but-not-really behind the scenes of Dream Loop. This is the original single take of Dream Loop so it might give you a bit of insight into how it was made if you were wondering (sorry for my whistle of a nose).