Studio Work

During my time at UTS, I have been able to use the studios in our department to develop my skills and knowledge in the production of photographic works. During this time I have had experience in setting up and using Elinchrom lights as well as a variety of filters, light boxes, attatchments, stands and the correlating equipment. This access has broadened my understanding of how a studio space works and how to produce a shot just the way you had envisioned it.



This commission gave me the opportunity to develop a concept idea and work to a deadline. This work was produced for a website called My Brand Club ( and was shot in a studio.


Personal Work

I have been passionate about photography ever since I was a child. I enjoy taking photos of things that catch my eye or subjects that interest me. One such example is this gallery of photos I took during a trip to New York. I love 35mm film and thus decided to create a work looking at New York through the lens of a film camera.


University Work

Attending university has enhanced my knowledge of film, it's history and it's uses. This depth of knowledge has progressed my skills in storytelling, editing and use of lighting and camera. Galantis is a perfect example of this. For this task I had to produce a short film to an outline. This lead me to create a story board and shot list. I then produced the film and edited it with new techniques I had not used before. This work came with a set of new challenges which I overcame, learning a great deal in the process.


Cinematography commission

For this work, I was commissioned to make a short audition tape for a client. This presented itself with new experiences of working with a client on a film as I had not done this before. I learnt how to manage and work with a client to produce their vision utilising my own design ideas whilst working in a limited time frame. This involved budgets, schedules and constant contact with the client to make sure they were happy with the end product.


Personal Work

I have always been greatly interested in making and watching cinema and the emotive power it has on the viewer. Cloud Castles was a quick film I made whilst out on a seperate shoot. The aim was to capture the beauty of the landscape I was in in order to enstill a sense of being there. I edited and uploaded this on the same day it was shot as I had a clear vision of the feeling I wanted to convey while I was filming.




I have recently started to learn how to illustrate by practicing my drawing on Adobe programs with a drawing tablet. This is my first illustration I completed that involved drawing a character I had created for a game of D&D. This taught me a lot about the program I was using as I came across many obstacles, and also helped me to learn to envisage an idea and then realise it in the process of drawing.



This was the first animation I completed for a personal project. I created this from a idea I had envisioned. This project presented a lot of obstacles along the way. I made some of it using an animation technique I had not tried before. Using frame by frame animation as well as path-based animation, I was able to create a pleasing result, learning a lot in the process.


Blending Mediums

This was the first project I ever created that combined different mediums into one work. This project cemented my desire to get into the industry as I learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed the process. This project was created for my HSC major work in Multimedia, teaching me how the industry works and how to plan and execute a project. One year was dedicated to the planning and production of this film along with a 60 page book containing documentation of all my planning and the obstacles I encountered while completing this work.